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Mobile Home Insurance in Roswell and Artesia, NM and surrounding areas

Protecting Mobile Home Owners in Roswell and throughout Southern New Mexico against Risk

Mechanical breakdowns, liens, theft, and fires are all risks that you face as a mobile home owner.  These and other risks can translate into significant costs if you’re unprotected, and for this reason it’s very important that you’re protected.  Insurance provides necessary protection, and at Meridian Insurance Services we have a complete mobile home insurance program, which is flexible and also which we customize for individual clients.


We’ve provided mobile home insurance in Roswell and in communities throughout Southern New Mexico for more than three decades, and also we work with a variety of A-rated carriers.  We carefully examine individual clients’ needs and we ensure that everyone whom we serve is fully covered under all circumstances.  For these reasons, we’ll provide to you the best possible mobile home insurance.  Whether you own and operate a mobile home that’s in an approved mobile home community, or you rent out your mobile home and the mobile home is regularly in different places, we’ll help you.


Mobile Home Insurance Coverage Details for Mobile Home Owners in New Mexico and in other States

Mobile home insurance provides two kinds of basic coverage, and these two kinds of basic coverage are physical damage and personal liability.  Physical damage coverage pays for damages to mobile homes, mobile home owners’ belongings, and structures.  Personal liability coverage pays for some or all of the costs of lawsuits that result from injuries that occur on your property to others or damages that occur on your property to others’ belongings. 


In general, mobile home insurance doesn’t cover mobile homes while the homes are in transit.  In some cases however, coverages that protect mobile homes while the homes are in transit can be purchased.  Other coverages, including fire department, extended coverage for high-value items, and mine subsidence can also be purchased.  We offer these and other coverages, and we’ll provide these coverages to you if you need the coverages.


We’ll help you select the right coverages, and also we’ll ensure that any policy or plan that you purchase is fitting.


The coverages from which you can choose include but are not limited to:

  • Personal Property Protection to pay for loss or damage to most of your personal items
  • Family Liability Protection to provide legal representation against injury or property damage claims
  • Guest Medical Protection to help cover the medical expenses for visitors injured in your home
  • Home & Structure Protection to compensate you for building repairs after a covered accident
  • Additional Living Expenses to reimburse you for temporary housing during reconstruction

Additional Security and also Benefits and Discounts

Increased security is important, and it can be acquired if one purchases medical payments coverage, emergency roadside assistance, or premium towing and labor coverage.  Increased security can also be acquired if one purchases coverages for custom equipment, which includes sound or entertainment systems. 


Also, you may be able to save money and time as a client of ours if you take advantage of benefits and discounts for which you may be eligible.  Things that make you eligible for benefits and discounts include:


•   Association memberships

•   Completions of driver safety courses

•   Insuring multiple vehicles

•   Combining motorhome insurance with policies for other types of insurance from Meridian Insurance Services 


Contact an agent to learn about benefits and discounts.


Experienced, proactive Agents keeping you and your Mobile Home secure

We take a hands-on and detailed approach to insuring mobile home owners, and this means that we thoroughly assess the owners’ needs through one-on-one consultations and risk analyses.  Once we know and understand mobile home owners’ needs, we shop on the owners’ behalves for the right coverages.  At the points that the right coverages are identified, we create the best possible solutions.


New Mexico requires that insurance for all occupied mobile homes be written at replacement cost, but if you own and operate an occupied mobile home and you need more coverage than replacement cost coverage provides, we’ll make sure that you have the coverage.


Also, vacant mobile homes can be insured at actual cash value, and if you own and operate a vacant mobile home and want insure the mobile home at actual cash value, we’ll make sure that your mobile home is insured at actual cash value.  Whether you occupy your mobile home; your mobile home is vacant; or you rent your mobile home others, we’ll ensure that you and your mobile home are completely protected.


We regularly and closely review policies and plans that we write, and this ensures that coverages are always current and that clients’ rates are always competitive.  We include clients in review processes whenever possible, and as a result, the clients are able to fully understand their purchases and also be aware of needs for changes to coverages.

Contact us or call us today.  To start on a policy, request a quote.

Additional Mobile Home Insurance and Homeowners Insurance Information:

At Meridian Insurance Services we’re proud to provide mobile home insurance in Roswell, Artesia, Carlsbad, Albuquerque, Dexter, and Clovis, NM.  We also serve other areas in the state and we serve other states.